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Gicleé print on A4 (297mm x 210mm) Daler Rowney smooth heavyweight 220g/m² paper
Signed, hand stamped and numbered editions of 50.
In Russian: “Vor”/ English for Thief.
/// Russian criminal tattoo flash-sheet part of Lucky Bstrd's upcoming flashbook project Volume 2, titled “Criminal."

*Note: the black frame is only for presentation on this platform. The print comes unframed. Please contact us for framing options.

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Lenin (top right): Lenin is held by many criminals to be the leader of the Communist Party. The letters BOP, under his image, carry a double meaning: The acronym stands for 'Leader of the October Revolution' but also spells the Russian word 'VOR' (thief). In the 1900s, prisoners believed placing tattooed portraits of Lenin on their chests would protect them from a firing squad. The authorities would not shoot at any images of their leaders; instead, they would shoot prisoners in the back of the head...
The “warrior grin” (top left ): tigers, leopards or snarling wolves are called "Oskals", the Russian word for ‘Big Grin.’ These tattoos indicate aggression or hostility toward the authorities.
The bottom left sentence translates; “I’m a son of the world of thieves”
The text around the skull translates: “In defiance of fate”
A tulip or a rose ensnared in barbed wire or wrapped around a dagger is symbolic of a convicted imprisoned before the age of 18
The cross means that the inmate is a thief